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Dylan King

Fantasy Author

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New Release

The Shadow Binder

The stars are going out.

This is the only certainty, besides his own name, that Casek wakes with, strapped to a table among the ruins of a faintly familiar building. Armed with only a strange voice in his head and what few, fragmented memories survived his age-long sleep, he must escape his prison and survive long enough to build a new life of peace and happiness for himself.

The Shadow Binder is an episodic series of novellas designed to be read as a work of serial fiction, much like the volumes of a manga or graphic novel.

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About Dylan King

Dylan King is a fantasy author currently writing from a cave in the mountains of Scotland. Kept company by his brilliant wife and a far too energetic dog, he spends his time sending manuscripts to editors by raven and drinking copious amounts of Dr Pepper.


With a passion for storytelling and a love of all things magical, Dylan's novels transport readers to new worlds filled with adventure, wonder, and danger.

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